Step 3: Associate Asset with Catalog Item
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Step 3: Associate Asset with Catalog Item

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Flipping the script a touch, we will first take the actions, then assess the state.

Associate Asset with Catalog Item

1.) From the Catalog, select the "Box" Item
2.) Hit Edit
3.) Enter "Box" into the Asset field, and select the "Box" Asset
4.) Hit Save Item (at the bottom of the page)
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 8.13.48 AM.png

NOTE: The Asset and the Catalog Item do not require the same name.

Present State

Here is a representation of the configurator in its current state. Try toggling the Visibility Attribute and enter some values into the Width field.

window.threekitPlayer({ authToken: "c2135b28-a743-435d-b458-ab8940c8ec22", el: document.getElementById("threeplayerdiv"), assetId:"a58606e3-2673-4cad-aa29-1d8080bb5db8", showConfigurator: true})


Much to our box-config chagrin, the visual representation is not responding to user interaction. This was intentional as we want to illustrate the two distinct sets of Logic present in the Threekit Platform. Item Attributes have no automated connection to the visual representation. We have to establish the connection between the Item and the Asset.

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