The Threekit Player
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The Threekit Player

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There are both a 3D and a 2D version of the Threekit Player. The 3D version of the player presents an interactive experience (shown below), and a path to Augmented Reality, while the 2D Player allows the user to view renders based on combinations of attribute values.

window.threekitPlayer({ authToken: "68711cca-d7dd-4559-b9b6-c91aea8172f8", el: document.getElementById("threeplayerdiv1"), assetId:"eee8f555-d5e2-4711-a083-fe8d7d82f27f", showConfigurator: true})

Within the Threekit Platform, the player is present on both the Preview panel of an Item and on the Asset View page.


The "?" button provides information on Rotating, Zooming, and Panning


HItting the share button provides a resumable link to the user.

Additionally, whenever the Share button is pressed, a record is created within the Configurations tab.

AR (Augmented Reality)

The user has the freedom to view the product in AR by hitting the "View in your space" button beneath the model.

NOTE: Configurable products will retain present configuration upon export, gltf and usdz files are retrievable within Jobs.

The 2D Player

Within the Preview panel of a Catalog Item, the referenced asset is presented within the 3D Player. The user may toggle to the 2D player by way of the button in the upper right corner of the player viewport.

Virtual Photos of the Catalog Item must exist in order to make use of the 2D player. Once viewing the Item within the 2D player, the user can manipulate the Attributes to view the corresponding Virtual Photos of the Item.

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